Networking Instructions

The following are step by step instructions for successfully installing and activating a networked P82 or P62 console in a consumer setting.
  • Step 1 - Establish an Account (completed by dealer)
    • Prior to installation you will need to establish an internal account within Precor using our online application.
    • Preva Business Suite (PBS) Account Request - for Home Users
    • Once complete, you will receive an email within a few business days confirming your account creation along with a registration code that your installation team will need.
  • Step 2 - Connect to the Preva Network
    • Access the "Settings" menu by following the steps below:
      • While pressing & holding the "Volume Down" button, simultaneously press in the following order:
      • Channel Up
      • Channel Down
      • Channel Down
      • Channel Up
    • A key pad will appear on the screen - type in the code: 5 1 7 6 5 7 6 1
    • Select "System Settings" and then "Connectivity"
    • Choose how you would like the equipment to access the internet either "Wi-Fi" or "Hard Wired"
      • Note: If you choose "Wi-Fi" you will need to enter your network password
    • Look for an IP address to appear in screen - this indicates the console is connected to the internet
    • Select "Preva Server" and enter:
Your console is now connected to the Preva network
  • Step 3 - Register the Equipment
    • Once again access System Settings and select "Register Equipment".
    • Answer the following questions:
      • User Name =
      • Password = password
      • Location Code = Found on registration email from dealer
      • Base Serial Number = Found on base
      • Name Your Equipment = Your choice
      • Select "Go" and "Confirm"
Congratulations! You have successfully completed a networked P82 / P62 Home install.